41 million rupees for the National Assembly in 2018

The National Assembly will cost the taxpayers 3.42 million rupees every month according to the 2018 National Budget to be proposed at the end of this month. This will include sixty thousand (60,000) rupees per month for the salary of The Speaker with an additional seventeen thousand (17,000) for constituency allowance; on top of that he has a driver, cars, fuel, bodyguards and other expenses all covered by the National Assembly. He will also get the end of year gratuity of two hundred thousand (200,000+) rupees+. The Speaker is costing the taxpayers at least two hundred and fifty (250,000) thousand rupees per month, if not more. And to top it all up at the end of his term of office another cheque for 1.7 million rupees will be deposited in his bank account.

No wonder The Speaker is now importing live cows by airfreight from Kenya. This newspaper has information that Pat Pillay will bring in twenty cows from Kenya. This activity could have serious health implication for the whole coun…

Seychelles is getting out of control

This is the impression that one gets when an analysis is done of the various incidents that have taken place since President Danny Faure assumed office and the LDS became the majority party in the National Assembly. There is absolutely no method to the chaos that is quickly engulfing the country. The LDS National Assembly Members have brought many problems onto themselves and the country as a whole by giving the impression that they had the answers (baton mazik) to all the malaise society have to offer.

On Wednesday it was the turn of the sea cucumber fishermen to marched to the National Assembly for an audience with Honorable Ferrari; to seek guidance on how to deal with the quota system being proposed for the fishing of sea cucumber. This is the same guy who walked out on the Stevedores, because they refused to accept a deal he had negotiated with his friend Hunt Deltel for them. We are sure that Ferrari will not tell the sea cucumber fishermen that preservation makes a lot of sense…

We have three Presidents

Seychelles is closed for business

This is what many foreign investors and local people in the business sector are saying as business activities slow down to a crawl and the costs of living is skyrocketing to new heights. This situation has been created due to the fact that the country has no direction and the uncertainty being generated has brought with it a chaotic condition. The fact that we have three Presidents makes the situation that much worse.

We have the Head of State at State House, the Speaker of the National Assembly, who believes that State House is his rightful place and the Honorable Leader of Opposition, who is saying that his time has come. They are all jostling for position on a daily basis and competing aggressively for exposure, which is causing a lot of confusion amongst the ordinary folks; “when elephants fight, it is the grass
that suffers”, an old African proverb, meaning that the weak get hurt in conflicts between the powerful in the cohabitation.

This situa…

“It is time to step forward, the Blue Economy is the new frontier whose time has come,” says President Michel

Former Seychelles President James Alix Michel has addressed the 6th South China Sea Conference which is taking place in Malaysia under the theme “Forging a shared future in the South china Sea”, in conjunction with the Malaysia International Marine Expo (MIMEX) 2017 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur.

Former Seychelles President James Alix Michel highlighted the importance of ocean governance – noting that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is a key consideration.

“Whilst it has its inherent weaknesses – among them, the absence of a universally-accepted framework for the governance of the high seas – it does provide us with an international and institutional framework for ocean governance. We can improve on it. We need to show goodwill and demonstrate political will and statesmanship. This is the only way forward. Governance of our oceans demands this of us. It demands dialogue and cooperation,” said President Michel

Mr. Michel also spoke about t…


Malulu has lost it completely

The response to the heroin epidemic presently ravaging the country was, last week, thrown in disarray culminating in an organized protest at the National Assembly by a dozen of drug addicts.

This newspaper has learned that the ten addicts were instigated by a known person from Les Mamelles on the behest of her doctor friend to stage the demonstration in a bid to undermine the new programme against drugs developed and being implemented by the Secretary of State for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation, Doctor. Patrick Herminie.

The latter’s programme, based on the Minnesota model, has as its ultimate objective the reintegration of the addicts in the workforce. This has not gone down well with certain elements within the Ministry of Health who over the last decade had overseen a chaotic methadone programme with no clear goal. The end result of this ill-advised strategy is here for all of us to see; today the number of heroin addicts has more t…

Our democracy is far from being healthy

The state of our democracy was the subject of a debate on SBC TV last week. The debate was no doubt initiated to mark one year since the opposition won its first election since the return of multi-party democracy in Seychelles. On the other hand, Parti Lepep, the political party presently in power, registered its first defeat.

Following the landmark event, some people have been misled into interpreting freedom of expression as meaning they can do whatever they please and say whatever they want regardless of their effects on others.  Living a good democracy requires a lot more than that.  Such cannot be the benchmark by which the health of our democracy is measured. If it is, then we are in big trouble.  Our country is falling even further backwards than it was before the opposition won its first election victory in 2016.

A democracy cannot be regarded as healthy if what takes place within the country after an election victory does not bring any sort of progress. One panelist in the …

Wavel Broadcasting Corporation (WBC) a la Seychelloise

The abbreviation WBC is supposed to mean “World Boxing Council” in international terms. It is the body which regulates all issues concerning the sport of boxing. Here in Seychelles we have a new meaning for it which has nothing to do with the combat sport at all. Locally the definition of WBC is “Wavel Broadcasting Corporation”. Since LDS won the National Assembly Elections last year, WBC has replaced the “Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation” (SBC).

Wavel Ramkalawan wanted an independent SBC and he has got it. But its independence must benefit him and no one else.  Lately he has been given the license to constantly go on the airwaves and spread his doctrines of persecution and revenge. As the Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the “Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC), he gets more than enough time to make known his views in the National Assembly, but he still wants more. The Seychellois public in general has had enough of him. Everything around him must have coverage.…