Friday, 10 February 2017

Glenny Savy Stands firm to LDS Demands

The LDS National Assembly Members are lining up to have a go at the IDC/GICC and Mr. Glenny Savy. So much so that several people are alleging that they want GICC to build houses for them. This follows information that GICC allegedly helped build a house at St. Louis and also donated generously in the reconstruction of a church at Bel Ombre. The vultures are furious that they didn’t get to partake in that kind of generosity. This is a typical case of ‘abuse of public office for private gains”.
I le plis Ek Son Ban Dalon

We all know that the church at Bel Ombre was built almost entirely by donations from Dr. Ramadoss, Franky Petrousse, UCPS, IDC/GICC and others. However, the Church still had to fork out SR4.2 million to pay the construction company. Into whose pocket did that money go is still a mystery until today? There are allegations that GICC was also providing Indian construction workers for free to work for people in the leadership of LDS. It was being done in the name of philanthropy, but it is now becoming a big problem, because the minors in the party also want to cash in on the patronage of the benefactor. It is really a case of killing the goose that was laying the golden egg.

They are launching attack after attack LDS National Assembly Members want houses from
GICCon the IDC and its CEO with the hope that he will cave in to their deceitful intents.
Even the Seychellois in its 1st Edition of the year had a front page article dedicated to the
cause. Maybe, Uncle Tom is planning on building a mansion? So far IDC is standing firm
and not giving in to the local terrorists.


Francois is A Liar

Access to the beach is a fundamental right under the laws of Seychelles. However, over the years there has been a myriad of confusion regarding the issue. The fundamentalists have
wasted no time in howling their disagreement whenever there was a violation of this basic
birth right. The political establishment has also made capital of the issue to try to gain
popularity with the masses;

This newspaper is taking a fresh look at this situation and we will be publishing a series of articles to establish the level of violation in 2017 where it does exist. We know that the Beau Vallon Beach is totally opened to the public twenty-four hours a day, even if it has at least five big hotels along the beachfront. Access to the Anse Royale Beach is also unimpeded and the beach can be accessed at several points along the main road. In comparison with Beau Vallon, access to the Anse Royale Beach is on a par.

Several beaches in the South end of Mahe have been the cause of controversy in the past as far as access for the general public is concerned. One such place is at Baie Lazare, at the former Plantation Club, which is now under the management of the Kempinski Hotels. The Kempinski Seychelles Resort at Baie Lazare possesses one of the best beaches in the country; it stretches along the full length of the hotel and its beauty is incomparable. The locals have been enjoying this gift from the creator since time immemorial. The trouble with access started when the new owners changed the (original) public access to the hotel and the beach; a new access road from (Anse Soleil Road) the other side of the property was constructed. The original access road became a private entrance for the owners and the administrators of the property. The general public was not ready for that change and it was not taken lightly. However, things have now settled down and normality has been restored to this part of paradise.

The Baie Lazare ‘Kempinski’ beach can now be accessed at two different locations, without constraints; through the main entrance to the hotel, which is (100m) on the left along the Anse Soleil Road, which leads to the Four Seasons Resort or you can carry on straight along the Anse Soleil Road and do a left just before the car park at Four Seasons, this vehicular access will take you straight down to the beach. They are both much longer than the original access, but it is worth the time when you get there.

Our reporter went to the Baie Lazare Beach through the hotel main entrance along the Anse Soleil Road, recently. He was met by a security guard at the gate who wanted to know the reason for his visit; having been told that our man was going to the beach, the barrier was pushed aside and our man was allowed to drive through without problem. And on the beach he met with many locals, who said that they had no problems accessing the beach.


Fake News? Read Le Seychellois!

Wavel is throwing bricks from a glass house.

The article published on page 7 in the first issue of Le Seychellois for 2017 is highly satirical; it is a case of the monkey laughing at the tail of the chimpanzee. Wavel is exceedingly frustrated with Parti Lepep because (according to him) State House and L’Espace Building are disseminating totally different messages and he doesn’t know who to believe. ‘It is high time they sort themselves out’, he wrote.

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Can the Honorable Gentleman explain the situation between LDS and SNP and LS, why is he sitting at Arpent Verte, when the headquarters of LDS is across the road from the hospital? Why, is he still sporting his green wristband even at funerals and green shirt in the National Assembly, when the party colour is Blue? Who is Wavel trying to fool? This is a clear sign of division, if proof was ever needed.

The official leader of the LDS is Mr. Roger Mancienne - why are we not hearing from him? Who is the real leader of LDS? This situation is similar to the two Presidents he is accusing PL of having. We agree with many points he highlighted in his article, but, things are not different with the LDS; where permanent disarray exist between him and Patrick Pillay; just last week they were fighting (like two old women) over who should have visited Marie-Louise prison. Subsequently, Wavel is doing his own thing with his SNP in preparation to ditch Pillay; remember Roger Mancienne is an SNP stalwart and LDS leader, he will side with Ramkalawan. Patrick Pillay is not sitting idle he is back  forging a fresh relation with his former political colleagues in anticipation of fresh elections; Pillay is also determine that Wavel never becomes president. “It is high time they sort themselves out”.

This newspaper is an independent observer. We are committed to unmask the politicians in their attempt to fool the people. Parti Lepep has a lot of problems, which must be sorted out fast to stop the hemorrhaging. The LDS is not faring any better, there is a big pretense that all is fine, but one just has to scratch the surface. This current situation with the two biggest political organizations, present the country as a whole with a climate of instability. It will impact negatively on the socio-economic wellbeing of the country, unless they start to behave responsibly by getting their act together.  

It must be noted that PL is in charge of the Executive and LDS the Legislature - and the fact that they cannot agree on anything in public and has to deal behind the scenes is another big problem. The fiasco with the 2017 Budget is causing stagnation in the economy. Instead of finalizing the debate on the 2017 Budget to allow for a smooth
start of the financial year 2017 - they chose to go on holiday – and now they are blaming each other for the uncertainty that is creeping into the real economy. Wavel is trying to exonerate himself of any blame through the said article on page 7 in Le Seychellois, Issue No 1. He must accept 50% of the blame for the mess he helped create.      


Saturday, 4 February 2017

The true colours of Wavel Ramkalawan revealed

The Honourable Leader of Opposition’s head is getting too big for his stumpy body and soon he will topple over. It is obvious that Wavel’s populist politics have no boundary and that he will stop at nothing to try and get ahead of the pack, even if it means destroying the country in the process. The latest evidence of that came at the Seychelles Pension Fund symposium this week, where Wavel said that the official retirement age should be reduced to 55yrs. This is not the words of a wise leader. This is the words a man who is hungry for power and hence will stop at nothing to try and get there.

The statement by the Honorable Leader of Opposition was met with applause and cheers from the crowd – it is not known if the clapping was to show approval or shock. However, after the meeting the reality and implication of what the man had said had sunk in and the crowd left the hall in a somber mood; muttering to one another about the proposition from the man who wants to be President of Seychelles one day. It was a shocking reality even to some in his own circle. They started to realize the implications of what the LDS leader had proposed and the impact it will have on the wellbeing of the country and the people.  

The verbal diarrhea came after the presentations, when members of the public had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and get answers to all their queries with regard to pension. This is when the clever little fellow from LDS dropped his bombshell. Even Donald Trump would have struggled to better that one – it was a masterstroke from the millionaire priest.  

Now, it is important for the Leader of the Opposition to provide the public with more details on this proposition of lowering pensionable age. And if it was a mistake he should also come out and say it before it becomes a national storm like his 13th month salary shenanigans that backfired in a big way. It will be the responsible thing to do!


The BIG conspiracy

LDS and the PL Government are involved in a big conspiracy behind the scenes. Everything that you see being played out in public is a charade to fool the people. This newspaper is speaking out to stop the pretense before too much harm is done to society. This prevailing situation is not in the people’s best interest. It is a case where the politicians are taking care of themselves and their own first and foremost. This situation was kick started by the LDS in an effort to provide financial security to many of its top executive, who had not won National Assembly seats or were not qualified for Ministerial or National Assembly pension because of the age restriction.  This included people like Ms. Simone Decommarmond, William Herminie among others, who had not reached the retirement age of 63yrs. Parti Lepep didn’t have this problem because they could just create a position for their own in government with a big salary and problem solved! However, the LDS doesn’t have this kind of luxury so they had to strike deals. Subsequently, the law was changed by this parliament as a favour to LDS to provide former ministers and ex-national assembly members with government pension before they reach 63 yrs old.  

We can state, with conviction, that in a meeting that took place at State House in the last quarter of 2016, between the LDS Executive and the Head of State, the LDS made several unethical demands with the sole intention to provide financial assistance to certain persons in their top executive and inner circle. We know that Wavel pushed hard in the meeting for MNA’s pension age to be lowered to 55yrs. The amendment to the law was made soon after the meeting to bring down the age limit to 60yrs of age or 55yrs of age if the member had been in the Assembly for 144 months (3 terms) or if the member retired on medical grounds.  The evidence of the deals is clear for the enthusiastic observers to see: Why would the PL Government be overturning a decision they made barely ten months ago? If it was not a favour for the LDS?

The National Assembly is another place, which the LDS is using to good effect to provide well paid jobs to people close to them. Daniel Caesar has been rewarded with a lucrative deal as the legal counsel for the National Assembly, apparently he has set up shop - lock, stock, barrel and kitchen sink included, at the National Assembly; no pun intended. The LDS candidates for Pte Larue and Port Glaud have also been provided with a cozy little earner each – if they decide to jump up and down because of this article we will publish their salaries to show the corrupt nature of the LDS.

However, LDS’s partner in crime, PL is totally mute on the orgy in the National Assembly. Is it a case of, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil??

We also firmly believe that the appointment of both the new Chairman of IDC and the Mayor of Victoria are favours accorded to the LDS leadership by the ruling party. What are they giving in return? The people must start looking and thinking and not following blindly - before it is too late. You have been warned!!      


An attack on press freedom by LDS

The postings here extracted from the facebook page, ‘Seychelles Daily’, clearly show sthe level of intimidation that is being applied on persons with an opinion different to that of the LDS. This cannot be democracy no matter how you look at it – it is purely and simply an attack on press freedom in this case.

The SPPF/PL is well known for their lack of tolerance in the past, it is well documented over the years. However, in 2017 we have a situation where the past victims of intimidation, harassment and persecution have now become the perpetrators of these same crimes. This situation is fully encouraged and endorsed by the LDS top executive members – it is common knowledge that persons in the leadership of the party have fake profiles on facebook for the sole purpose of intimidating and insulting people with a different point of view or people who simply doesn’t agree with a statement they have made. Here at The Independent we term this situation democracy through intimidation – in fact both (PL/LDS) sets of supporters are guilty of that vile behaviour.

The Independent newspaper has been under attack since it first started in 2014; the Editor is insulted on a daily basis by LDS supporters in public, which hardens his resolve.   The retailers that sell the paper in their shops are more often than not harassed by LDS supporters and in some shops they have to hide the newspaper under the counter to avoid being confronted by aggressive (LDS) customers. Several shops refuse to sell the paper because we write articles criticizing LDS. Is this the democracy we have been fighting for forty years? Is this the kind of free press we fought SPPF for? Or are they (too) afraid of the truth? What will an LDS government do to newspapers that criticises them? These are relevant questions that must be reflected upon in this process of change and new ideas in 2017.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Clifford Andre went AWOL from National Assembly duties

One of the National Assembly’s most corrupt MNA decided to spend his Christmas as far away as possible from his constituents – he left even before the National Assembly had ended their debate on the budget for recess to go on holiday with his family. This is corruption and a clear sign that the MNA places his interests before that of the people who voted for him. It is alleged that Clifford left Seychelles in the third week of December with a team of ten people destined for Dubai to allegedly spend three weeks at the Atlantis Hotel. This hotel charges 20,000 rupees a night. If he indeed spend three weeks there, it would have cost him SCR 300,000. This is a man who was taken to court by a lady over a SCR1.9 million transfer of a plot of land at Turtle Bay, which she never got. Clifford Andre a former Parti Lepep MNA is not genuine opposition – he joined the opposition
when he got thrown out by Parti Lepep, loosing the privileges he was enjoying. He is driven by bitterness and nothing else. It is also not clear how he was called to the local BAR, maybe he can clear that one out by releasing his certificates.

This newspaper was approached by several residents of Anse Aux Pins expressing their dissatisfaction with the MNA – many people were looking for him for assistance over the festive season; for a small bottle of cooking gas and Clifford was nowhere to be seen – he was swimming with the Dolphins in Dubai. Maybe, next time they will know whom to vote for…..