Ahmed Affif must be held accountable

Both the President and the Speaker of the National Assembly have accentuated the need for transparency and accountable government. This will have to apply to every single one of us; from the president to the dock worker. There is an ongoing storm in the country on the contract that some individuals had with the FIU and the NDEA. There are many calls for openness and transparency so that we can get to the bottom of this matter in the shortest possible delay. However, we have since discovered that Honorable Ahmed Afif, who is the elected National Assembly member for Anse Etoile and the former Principal Secretary for Finance and Trade, had a hand in the matter – when he was still employed by this government. In fact, it was Ahmed Afif who approved the budget given to the FIU and the NDEA

In a clear case of conflict of interests Ahmed Afif assisted Wavel Ramkalawan with the preparation of a summary on the Auditor General’s Report for the two organizations, which was presented to the Natio…


In an article written in Le Seychellois Hebdo recently, several active or former politicians were labelled as political rejects by Gervais Henri, the Editor of the newspaper.

However, the most prominent political reject that he failed to mention was his party chief, Wavel Ramkalawan. Wavel Ramkalawan was rejected three times in a row in the last three elections. In the first round of the 2015 Presidential election, Ramkalawan barely got 35% down from a high of 46% in 2007. Despite obtaining the support of all the other opposition political parties, totaling to 52.3% of support, Ramkalawan miserably failed to obtain 50% in the second round.

In the legislative election of last year, Ramkalawan chose to contest the English River Constituency against political novice Wilbert Herminie. Herminie was twenty three years his junior and was contesting an election for the first time. Once again, Wavel was rejected and had a humiliated defeat at the hands of the young politician. Most political…


What we need to ask is WHO IS PROFITING from their departure?

The recent National Assembly debate on the joint NDEA-FIU Auditor General’s report would disgrace a gathering of drunken stevedores. The Irish who worked in the FIU and NDEA were roundly abused by all, called thieves, bandits and accused of trafficking heroin into Seychelles so that they could keep themselves in a job. Even the dead weren’t immune from the poisoned rhetoric spouting from the mouths of despicable politicians as they maligned and blasted an Irish that had died in service - all this on national television and radio for all to see and hear. Facts played little part in the debate. Instead a flawed and incomplete report was quickly embraced because it served the political machinations of politicians eager to distract the public from the failure of their first year running the Assembly to address fundamental issues like the cost of living, the impending recession and the break down in the rule of law.

A prejudic…


The Anti-Victimisation Committee is persisting in its endeavor to victimise as many opponents, real or imaginary, as it could. Last week it was taken to the Constitutional Court by one Martin Aglae.

This week, it was yet again the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie, who was the victim of that witch-hunt. This time round, Dr. Herminie was accused of “emotionally and verbally” abusing somebody who claimed she was a partner of Wellness Centre, the famous detoxification centre at Anse Royale. It should be noted that the person was neither an employee of the Ministry of Health which owns the place, nor an employee of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation of which Dr. Herminie is the Secretary of State. This newspaper has since learned that the person in question is employed by a religious organization based in South Africa, which wants to impose its religion on a government run rehabilitation programme. The new programme being intro…

DEMOCRACY RAPED! Pillay and Cesar are a total disgrace

The tabling and debate of the special Auditor General’s Report on the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) last week by the Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan, was yet another example of the amateurism that has shrouded the National Assembly lately.

All rules and procedures regulating the proceedings of the House were ignored and Ramkalawan himself stated that the Report was being laid under Article 23 (8) of the Rules of Procedures for Committees. In fact, what has happened was a total disregard of the Constitution and the Rules including Rule 23 (8) of the said document. The Constitution dictates that all Auditor General’s reports should go to the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC), for consideration first and only thereafter can a report be submitted by FPAC to the National Assembly for debate. This, sadly, was never done thus rendering the deliberations on the motion null and void.

The National Assembly debated the re…


Those who had wished that the Fillon scandal was dead and gone were quite unpleasantly surprised to learn that it is still reverberating not only in France but across the whole world.

Francois Fillon was a French presidential hopeful in the last election but his bid was destroyed by a scandal involving payment to his wife and children. The scandal raised several ethical issues including whether family members should be drawing a salary from a politician. This month, the French parliament, in the wake of the Fillon scandal, banned the hiring of spouses by politicians.

Although France is far from our shores, the case itself is close to home and reminds us of a similar situation ongoing in our parliament. Ahmed Afif, the LDS representative for the Anse Etoile Constituency and the chief whip of the LDS party in parliament is presently employing his wife Stella Afif as his Constituency Clerk. This situation is, to say the least; morally shameful given that Stella Afif is a rich business w…

Ahmed Afif owes us an explanation

In regards to the letters that we have published on this page, which clearly illustrated that Ahmed Afif in his capacity as Principal Secretary Finance and Trade; wrote to the head of the FIU in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to inform him that their budget for each of the particular year had been approved. Mr Afif owes us the people of Seychelles an explanation on how he came to the conclusion to approve these budgets: